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In all humility I dedicate this website containing letters to editor/Columns, written over the years, to my late parents, Smt Kamala G Jethwani and Mr Gagandas S. Jethwani and Sainji. Without their support and encouragement, I would not have been what I am today. I thank them profusely for their love, blessings and unflinching support.

I shall be failing in my duty if I do not mention about my better half, Shalini (Shallu), who stood like a rock by my side through my trials and tribulations as well as my children, my noble son ,Irvind, and multifaceted artistic daughter, Poonam, who both designed and hosted this website.

Worth mentioning in this context are also 21 leading newspapers, both from India and the GCC, which published over a 1,000 Letters to the Editor, besides a few articles/columns for publication. I also thank the the esteemed Editorial teams of these News Papers who took efforts to re-edit my letters/Columns ,thus making them noteworthy.

These letters to the editor/ Columns provide an eloquent testimony to the power of ideas in drawing the attention of the authorities to important issues concerning the government and the society. My father always emphasized the importance of public service.

Ramesh G Jethwani is a prolific “Letters to Editor writer/ columnist, who over the decades has written over a thousand “Letters to editor” and few columns, which have been widely published in leading newspapers in India and in GCC(Gulf countries),These letters to editor/ Columns are a testimony to the power of his ideas, his letters and columns -short and precious have served a very useful purpose in drawing the attention of authorities about important issues concerning Society and the government. His father always emphasized the importance of public service.

Ramesh G jethwani is highly admired for his writings on variety of subject ,Having closely followed the unfolding of several important national, international, political and economic events during last 25-30 years, with the astute understanding of these issues, he has meticulously penned down some of these events in the letters to editor form and few in columns in particular to tragic road accidents and lack of Trauma centers, GCC/Middle east and about neighboring countries.

From the last 20 years,he has been relentlessly writing about the road accidents and safety measures and upgrading of government Trauma services .

He is a deeply committed persona ,who is wedded to the idea of a better India, He is a rare combination of a man who feels the pain of others deeply in his heart,He is compassionate,reliable person, vegetarian and a teetotaler. he doesn’t follow the philosophy of consumption in life,he is satisfied with basic things in life. He is a helpful,friendly in nature,sincere and believes humanity is above everything, which is far from cry what we get these days.

During Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption, He attended the Anna Hazare’s public meeting in Bangalore, where other celebrity speakers were Justice Santosh Hegde, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bushan and Yogendra Yadav and other dignitaries,

Ramesh G Jethwani is an avid reader, who has a great passion for reading and writing since childhood, and he has been visiting library from the last 55 years. However, since last 5 years,he has not been able to keep this pace about visiting library, due to health related problems. Even so, he reads Five new papers daily besides eight digital newspapers to remain up-to-date, He likes vintage songs and Ghazals, especially those of Jagjit Singh. Some of his favourite ghazals are “Ye daulat bhi le lo,shohrat bhi le lo,bhale cheen lo meri jawani” and “woh kagaz ki kashti,woh Barish ka pani”. He practices Yoga, pranayam daily.

NOTE- During Indo-china war(1962),at a public meeting held at Naya Bazar Ajmer which was presided by Mr T.N Chaturvedi,IAS,district collector Ajmer,former CAG and former Governor of Karnataka,From His pocket money,Ramesh G jethwani,had contributed Rs 2/ towards national defense fund ,It was reported in a leading Hindi News paper of Rajasthan”Dainik Navjyoti,He also arranges blood and has given blood to needy.

With deep urge to take the cause of road accident victims and other important causes, He has written a large number of Letters to the Editor/columns on various issues, including road safety/accident and trauma services, upgrading of government hospital services etc as they serve the poorest people of the society.

The most notable part of this website(www:rameshjethwani:com) is ,Tributes/ highlighting distinguished people’s section, it is an area in which he has extensively written about national and international personalities in various walks of life, Among other issues, he has covered are ,those concerning environmentalists, artists, social workers, sportsmen and security personnel, to name a few.

List of Newspapers (21) in India/Abroad where Ramesh G jethwanai”s Letters to Editor/Columns have been published.

  • The Telegraph(Kolkata)
  • The Statesman(Kolkata)
  • The Times of India
  • The Indian Express
  • Business Standard
  • Economic times
  • The Tribune (Chandigarh)
  • Financial Express
  • The Pioneer
  • Deccan Herald
  • Prajavani(Kannada)
  • Deccan Chronicle
  • DNA
  • Vijay times
  • Bangalore Mirror
  • Free press journal

News papers in GCC countries(Gulf)

  • Khaleej times (U.A.E),
  • Gulf News (U.A.E)
  • Arab News (Saudi Arabia)
  • Saudi Gazette (Saudi Arabia)
  • Gulf times (Qatar)

Note – Most of the letters to Editor/columns listed in this website (www:rameshjethwani:com) have been published in different 21 Newspapers in India and abroad(G.C.C Gulf countries) with names/ Dates mentioned above, except few ,as we could not locate their details (Names and dates).

Also in this website,(www:rameshjethwani:com),there are some very important letters/Columns listed, about Tributes/highlighting/Distinguished/Legendary people other subjects, which have not been published.

Importance of “Letters to editor”-Letters to editor serves as barometer of public opinion on issue of public socio-economic interest.which help the decision makers at the governmnet level or in public domain to take important decisions, some newspaper have even instituted prize for the best letter on weekly basis

Important letters written (a) He had written a letter to editor in Deccan Herald in 2012, “Give way to ambulance “108”,. also he wrote to chief minister of Karnataka Mr Jagadish Shettar about this matter.Mr Laxminarain, IAS his principal secretary replied that the Jt Police commissioner-Traffic will attend this matter,

Police Intelligence.

It was one of landmark letter posted in this website ,which was highly appreciated by one and all.

Over crowding of crematoriums(Took this human issue with media).

Infrastructure issues plague crematoriums in City,Deccan Herald,Shruthi H M, Bangalore, August 25, 2013, DHNS:, AUG 26 2013 (Overcrowding, staff crunch, graft affect final resting places)

Causes he cares for

  • He strongly cares about Road accident victims, believes if timely medical help is provided to the accident victims in the first golden hours,a lot of lives can be saved.
  • He strongly urges governmnet should make mandatory that all vehicles should be insured to meet the cost of treatment in case of unfortunate accident.
  • Government should try and bring back all P.O.W’s/fishermen stranded in Pakistan.
  • Strongly believes that war widows/ other women who loose their life partners should get remarried.
  • Totally against menace of dowry and believes birth of girl child should be welcomed.
  • Economic empowerment of underprivileged and rural people.
  • Supports any government’s scheme for free medicare/legal help for those who can’t afford.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sindhi
  • Understands workable Arabic