Noble Prize inspires,
Khaleej times,8th Oct,2018,L.E(Opinion/Editorials)

Congratulations to Denis Mawakkul, a Congolese doctor who helps victims of sexual violence in Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nadia Murad, a Yazidi rights activist and survivor of sexual slavery, on winning the Nobel Peace Prize this year.

This distinguished prize is a fitting tribute to the people who have been painstakingly working to put an end to sexual violence. By acknowledging their work, the Norwegian Noble committee has highlighted the great contribution made by these two awardees in ending the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Rapes during war time have been a crime for ages, but it has hardly been talked about on global platforms. This well-deserved honour to the two awardees will encourage more people to do such noble human acts.

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