Noble prize winner should inspire leaders globally,
times,12th Oct,2019,L.E.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali has won the Noble peace prize for mending ties with Eritrea. The coveted award recognises the prime minister’s efforts in bringing peace to his country and resolving the two-decade-old border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea. The conflict was a huge financial drain for both the countries.

Ali’s vision has helped Ethiopia and Eritrea achieve historic rapprochement and his leadership has set a wonderful example for others in Africa and beyond to follow. It shows diplomacy and engagement is the best way forward, not confrontation. Abiy Ahmed has also played a significant role in bringing peace to the Horn of African region. He has also won plaudits for brokering a power-sharing deal in Sudan, Somalia and Djibouti, all these nations have had some border disputes. At 43, he is the youngest leader to win this prestigious award. He has also made peace a key agenda of his government.

This is a well-deserved honour for an extraordinary leader and statesman, who thought of larger interest for his country and the region as wars and conflicts only bring destruction and misery for both.

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