Tunisia deserved it
Arab News,11 Oct 2015,L.E.

I welcome the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s decision to award the peace prize this year to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet in recognition of its contribution to the successful transition to democracy from Arab spring 2011 revolution.

The Quartet consists of alliance of the society civil group, labor union, confederation of industry, human rights activists that steered Tunisia to the path of democracy and prevented it from descending into civil war.

Tunisia has indeed been a lesson for the world as how to resolve conflict and preserve democracy. In this respect awarding the peace prize to the Quartet has been a matter of great joy and pride not only for Tunisia but for the whole Arab world.

This Quartet was formed in 2013 when Tunisia faced significant political, economic and security changes, democratization process was about to collapse and the country was on the brink of a civil war.

This peace award is an inspiration meant to encourage more such works in conflict zones and to promote peace, a lesson how to resolve conflicts in peaceful manners.

The dialogue group is not particularly famous and little noticed outside Tunisia, but Nobel is often awarded to lesser-known groups, to draw attention to their work for bringing peace and stability. In today’s world, in conflict zones we need more such civil society groups.

And it proves that dialogue is the only way to solve conflicts not weapons.

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